Lifestyle Reset Retreat

Are you struggling to juggle the ins and outs of life?



Are you are feeling run down, stressed or just not sure what is important anymore, or how to get a balance back into your life?


Here are 10 Reasons why you would want to be there …..

  1. You’ll learn how to breathe for more ‘life’ years.
  2. You have a dominant dosha, and even if you know what that is now, you will learn something more about this ancient wisdom that will transform your heart.
  3. How does water affect your timing, your gut, and your mind?
  4. You’ll learn about your Digestive system and how you can tame an impossible gut situation.
  5. You’ll discover the potentiality of mind and learn in 30 seconds how to put it into action.
  6. Find a peace you never knew you had the capacity to find!
  7. Gain a habit that you can switch on anywhere anytime!
  8. Discover the mindset of movement!
  9. Laugh your head off!
  10. By the time this event is over you will know more about your essential oils in a way that is beyond useful, but incredibly valuable…..


You may have even lost touch with your inner self!

Here are 12 warning signs to look out for:  If you are just a few of these, then you may find the Lifestyle Reset Retreat will help you in so many ways to find solutions to these very issues, and maintain a status quo so you never fall off the wagon again.  We want you to know that we will be addressing these very issues at the ‘Lifestyle Reset Retreat’. This is exciting and productive and will heal the world.  Now let’s take a look at these concerns!
  • You are not sure about food choices or combinations, so make lazy decisions about what to eat.
  • Meals are eaten more in a rush than in a state of calm.
  • Hydration is more about coffee or tea, rather than pure filtered water!
  • You have lost your ‘joy’ mojo!
  • You are feeling tired and heavy nearly every day!
  • Your mind races, and you never seem to get things done!
  • You are finding it difficult to be happy.
  • You are feeling mean spirited, and can’t be happy for someone else.
  • You know you need to exercise, but you don’t have the motivation to get on with it!
  • Your days go by too quickly and you haven’t done the things you really want to do.
  • Relationships are not as comfortable or enjoyable as they once were.
  • You have nothing to look forward toexcept the latest TV drama!
More often than not, these warning signs or ‘Lifestyle hiccups’ are discussed by people who rarely stop to think about why these issues exist on a prolific level ‘now’ more so than they ever did before.
My name is Anne Clark, and I will be bringing together some beautiful speakers to tackle the issues of life to help you ‘re-set’ your attitude, attention, and application in all things mind, body and spirit.  The spirit part is really important, it’s the part that brings you into alignment with your purpose, your mission, your ‘why’ on this earth.  Being clear how about how to look after yourself, means you are better able to look after others.  It means you create a ripple effect that touches everyone around you, and this, in turn, nourishes the communities that you find yourself associating with.
Take some time to check out the details on Lifestyle Reset Retreat Go to
The Early Bird Price for Lifestyle Reset Retreat is $997.00 up until the 27th July, after that the price will be $1357.00.
Your ticket includes:
  • Gifts and Vouchers to a total of $685.00 +
  • Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea on both days,
  • Access to 4 Outstanding speakers and presenters (see link for speaker details).
  • Mini Raw Food Workshop and food preparation demonstration
  • Fitness assessment
  • Retreat Workbook
  • Inspirational wisdom to last a lifetime

This retreat does not include:

  • Accommodation,
  • Transport to the event location,
  • Evening meals
  • Flights.


(Please note clicking on this link takes you away from the Anne Clark website).