Saturday March 19th & Sunday March 20th, 2022 ~ Cooroy
Saturday June 18th & Sunday June 19th, 2022 ~ Cooroy
Saturday September 24th & Sunday September 25th, 2022 ~ Cooroy

Are you struggling to juggle the in’s on out’s of life?

Are you feeling run down and stressed?..

• Have you lost your joy mojo?
• Is your body feeling tired & heavy?
• Is your mind always racing?
• Have you lost touch with your inner self?

Life is supposed to be joyful & fun…
not heavy or stressful like we often feel it is…

Are you are feeling run down, stressed or just not sure what is important anymore, or how to get a balance back into your life?

Here are 10 Reasons why you would want to Reset Your LifeStyle …..

  1. You’ll learn how to breathe for more ‘life’ years.
  2. You have a dominant dosha, and even if you know what that is now, you will learn something more about this ancient wisdom that will transform your heart.
  3. How does water affect your timing, your gut, and your mind?
  4. You’ll learn about your Digestive system and how you can tame an impossible gut situation.
  5. You’ll discover the potentiality of mind and learn in 30 seconds how to put it into action.
  6. Find a peace you never knew you had the capacity to find!
  7. Gain a habit that you can switch on anywhere anytime!
  8. Discover the mindset of movement!
  9. Laugh your head off!
  10. By the time this event is over you will know more about your essential oils in a way that is beyond useful, but incredibly valuable…..

Say goodbye to your inner sloth (aka energy zapper) & hello energiser bunny!

Lacking energy in your life? Does the sloth in you, you know the one that’s telling you to stay home in your pjs, win out every time? Is your health holding you hostage from the life you’re meant to live? Let’s hit that Reset button!

Get connected with your inner spark! …

Nothing really fires you up anymore. Life is monotonous, time is scarce & the most excitement you get for the week is chilling out at home & watching Game of Thrones on Netflix. You’re not even sure exactly when this happened, but the joy you used to feel about life has faded. It’s time my friend, you’re ready to hit that Reset button!

Get Ready!  …  I’ve figured out the recipe . …

There’s an exact pattern that shows up, time and time again, in those who have created a healthy, vibrant, balanced life for themselves.

It’s not hard; it’s just knowing which ingredients to use and when to add them, so to speak.
My mission is to teach you this recipe & help you thrive!

Hi there, I’m Annie Clark

Back when I was a little girl, I often wished I could reset a day, a week and even the year - especially when things weren’t going so well… have you ever wished for this too?

Over the years I’ve figured out that although I can’t reset father time, I can reset my biological clock…

Throughout my 30+ year career I have helped myself & many people facing the struggles of declining health, stress, anxiety & unbalance. Through these experiences I’ve been able to figure out & implement the key elements needed to create a life that’s truly filled with wellness, fun & abundance.

These principles are just too good to keep to myself, so I’m bringing them to life (with the help of my amazing guest speakers) for 20 lucky souls to learn, implement & enjoy in an immersive retreat located in the beautiful Hinterland on the Sunshine Coast.

As Seen On …

Hit the reset button and be well …

Enjoy a fun, balanced & abundant life!

You can reset your life & be well without …

Being a Yoga genius
or a Meditating Monk.

Being chewed up and
spat out of the
medical system
(like you’ve probably
already experienced).

Giving up pizza, ice
cream & all things

Remember you have one life. It’s meant to be enjoyed.

It’s a fact you can’t turn back time… but you can make EVERY day from here on in COUNT - 100%

What’s your life going to look like in 5 months if the same ol’ same ol’ vicious cycle keeps on repeating?

What about 5 years? 15 years?
Sit with that for a minute…
Uncomfortable? yep you betchya!

Learn how you can make small choices daily - on autopilot - that will change the trajectory of your life.

PEACE 24/7

You’re going to learn the skills needed to anchor your mind and finally break up with stress & anxiety.


You’re going to learn about the tools & natural solutions you can adopt to help you feel like an Energiser Bunny & not miss out on life.


Learn about food in a whole new way. We’re talking right down to soil & nutrient density. When you nurture your gut & nourish your cells, amazing things happen within your body.

Here are 12 warning signs to look out for …

If you are just a few of these, then you may find the Lifestyle Reset Retreat will help you in so many ways to find solutions to these very issues, and maintain a status quo so you never fall off the wagon again. We want you to know that we will be addressing these very issues at the ‘Lifestyle Reset Retreat’. This is exciting and productive and will heal the world.

Now let’s take a look at these concerns!

  1. You are not sure about food choices or combinations, so make lazy decisions about what to eat.
  2. Meals are eaten more in a rush than in a state of calm.
  3. Hydration is more about coffee or tea, rather than pure filtered water!
  4. You have lost your ‘joy’ mojo!
  5. You are feeling tired and heavy nearly every day!
  6. Your mind races, and you never seem to get things done!
  7. You are finding it difficult to be happy.
  8. You are feeling mean spirited, and can’t be happy for someone else.
  9. You know you need to exercise, but you don’t have the motivation to get on with it!
  10. Your days go by too quickly and you haven’t done the things you really want to do.
  11. Relationships are not as comfortable or enjoyable as they once were.
  12. You have nothing to look forward to, except the latest TV drama!

More often than not, these warning signs or ‘Lifestyle hiccups’ are discussed by people who rarely stop to think about why these issues exist on a prolific level ‘now’ more so than they ever did before.

“The person who comes into this retreat will
not be the same person who leaves …
You will see a lighter, happier, healthier version emerge!”
~ Annie Clark


Anne Clark’s

The LifeStyle Reset Retreat



Saturday March 19th & Sunday March 20th, 2022 ~ Cooroy
Saturday June 18th & Sunday June 19th, 2022 ~ Cooroy
Saturday September 24th & Sunday September 25th, 2022 ~ Cooroy


2 Days of Pure Bliss…

Set in a picturesque private property, our retreat conference room is surrounded by beautiful lush greenery & water every where you look. You’ll spend 2 days here soaking up the scenery & enjoying the tranquility.

The Power of Aromatherapy…

Enjoy the delicate scents wafting through the room, whilst getting ‘hands on’ in this masterclass. Learn about the power of essential oils & create blends that will assist you anchoring change & help with trauma and past regrets.

Become Your Own Architect…

How do you construct your day? From the moment you wake up till the moment you lay your head on a pillow at night. We’re going to deep dive into why this matters & how you can build solid foundations that will serve you well for years to come.

Inspired Movement…

Movement doesn’t have to be scary… or hardcore.
We’re going to help revise your mindset around movement and transforming your body into a healthier and more energetic vessel.

Experience Food At it’s Finest…

Food is the base for our vitality. And the best bit… you don’t have to give up what you love to eat to achieve optimum nutrition either. We’re going to teach you vibrant new ways to nourish yourself.
Sink your teeth into the delicious food demo’s throughout the weekend.

All this & much much more…

Nature, Connection, Journaling, Eating, Hydration, Meditation, Relaxation, Breathing, Gut Health and more… Everything you need is right here to facilitate your own unique Lifestyle Reset!
Feel renewed. Feel empowered. Feel content.
You’ll leave the retreat feeling inspired & happy with tools that give you the confidence to take on anything life throws at you with ease-forever more!.

The Lifestyle Reset: A weekend full of fun, connection & masterclasses
designed to reset your mind, body & soul.

Guest Speaker Line Up

Andrew McLennan DipAppSci(Agric)

Sun. Soil. Plant and You.

Where does true health and vitality (life force) come from?

Do the fresh fruit and vegetables, produced by many well-meaning farmers, deliver their true nutrient potential?

How does low nutrition impact our health, vitality and life force?

It’s an old question amongst those interested in the quality of the food that we eat. Does the food we consume provide us with enough nutrition or do we need to supplement our meals with vitamins and minerals?

The answer is both no and yes. No, we don’t get enough nutrition from our foods and yes, we do need to supplement to make up the difference…but it is the soil of the growing plant that needs supplementing, not us. This thinking is backed by one simple fact; there has been a decline in the nutritional value of our food over time, particularly since the advent of modern farming from the late 1950’s onward. If we feed our soils correctly, they will feed us correctly.

By the end of our time together, I will I explain the reasons why our food system produces calorie rich but nutrient poor produce, how this is impacting human health and what you can do to take charge of the quality and nutritional content of the food you eat. I will teach you how to become energy makers and managers, to start eating for health rather than feeding your hunger.

Anne Clark
Founder of The Lifestyle Reset

Anne Clark is a qualified Iridologist, NES practitioner, Health Coach, and Fitness Leader. Having been in the wellness industry for well over 3 decades, she brings a wealth of information on ‘natural food preparation’, essential oils for Gut Health, Bowel health, and Stress Management.

Fitness has been a big part of her life, having completed the Frankston to Melbourne Marathon in 1987, Pier to Pub 1.5km swim - Southern Victoria, twice and successfully completing the 100 kilometer Kokoda Track walk in 2008.

Anne has self-published over 18 books on health and lifestyle topics with her two best sellers, The Poo In You and In The Raw - Healthy Food Manual.

She has also provided personal guidance and mentoring for ‘Lifestyle management’ between North Queensland and the Sunshine Coast.

Anne founded The Art Of Wellness seminars in 2009 and published a book of the same name which included contributions from previous presenters.

The Lifestyle Reset was conceived early in 2019. Now with her husband and all-time hero, Darryl and her son Jay, they continue to forge new concepts in educating people
about achieving a life free of limitations and abundant with vitality and joy!

At this retreat, Anne will take each participant through a layering process incorporating essential oils, breathing, hydration and movement, which helps you to learn effectively. Anne incorporates humour, fun and a little bit of magic into every session.

Rod Collins

Rod Collins is committed to bringing balance into peoples lives through movement, motivation and mental strength training.

With over 30 years experience in the health and fitness industry, Rod knows what works best for people of all ages, levels of fitness and ability.

Rod’s down to earth nature not only contributes to a fun and motivating training environment but together with his wealth of experience you can be assured you are in good hands and will constantly learn to be better and feel better through his `One Step’ approach.

Rod has trained hundreds of clients at his highly successful Personal Training Studios on Sydney’s northern beaches and now in the Noosa Hinterland. From Hollywood movie stars to Biggest Losers to everyday locals, Rod has the ability to identify and motivate the best out of most people. Not just training them but coaching them to be better, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Rod is a keen sportsman and played professional Rugby League with Parramatta for 8 seasons (1987-94). He has also been a strength and conditioning trainer with the Warringah Rats and NSW Suburban Rugby Union Teams. Rod is a keen golfer, paddle boarder and swimmer.

Sue Moore

Sue Moore is a health and wellness coach, speaker, writer and founder of Inside Out International.
Sue was diagnosed with MS in October 2014 when it was discovered she had 8 lesions on her brain and was numb down the right hand side of her body. During the next 9 months she was able to reverse it through NO medical intervention, just through diet, meditation, internal belief, exercise and kinesiology.
She defied the odds and completed her first marathon at Gold Coast in July 2015.

Through her work Sue inspires, empowers and educates people to heal themselves from the ‘inside out’, follow their heart and live their dream life, no matter where they’re starting from.
Sue believes it’s possible to turn your challenges into your biggest victories


Kim Taylor

 I’m Kim Taylor, CEO of Ultimate Communicator and founder of the 9 Steps to Ultimate Communicator Training System. I am an impassioned Communication Coach, Trainer and Author with a strong business and hospitality background.

With over fifteen years of experience in delivering talks and presentations to organisations such as James Cook University, Rotary International, Bunnings, Big W and Toastmasters, I am often asked to provide motivational keynote speeches and I am honoured to jump at the chance.

I take deep and humble pride in being able to open the door for professionals seeking to overcome their limitations and improve their communication, message development. and public speaking skills.

I have delivered my signature one-on-one and group Ultimate Communication Coaching programs and proven communication training systems so that my clients master the ability to communicate in any speaking situation. And, I have recently expanded my services to include my exclusive Ultimate Communication Archetypes™  to add powerful insights to the development of a wider and deeper diversity of communications skills development potential for clients

I hold a Diploma of Life Coaching, Public speaking and Training skills and am a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming through The Coaching Institute, Melbourne. I am a member of The Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming Inc.

Rebecca Rowe
Holistic Nutritionist and Body Detox Specialist

Rebecca used a variety of nutrition and detox protocols to overcome her own health challenges such as fertility issues, weight gain, adrenal fatigue, pre-diabetes, depression, chronic stress, food intolerance, and recurrent infections.

Her passion is to help people experiencing physical and emotional health frustrations use natural cleansing and detoxing to safely and effectively remove old waste and excess toxicity from the body.

During the retreat she will explain:

  • Why detoxing should be a regular part of your health regime.
  • The signs and symptoms that indicate toxicity within the body.
  • The damaging effects an underlying parasite causes
  • The correct ways to detox and remove toxicity and parasite overload.
  • How to be free of bloating, weight gain, cravings, foggy brain, and fatigue
  • The correct ways to cleanse your mind and body to reactivate metabolism, re-energise and look and feel rejuvenated.


She can be located on The Cleanse Shop

Kean Buckley

Kean Buckley is the cofounder of Be Yourself and Zero + Nine. He has worked in the field of Human Potential for over 29 years. He is a thought leader, life mentor and spiritual guide, whose humour and real-life experiences will inspire your heart to lighten and your mind to expand.

The Power of Numbers.

Learn the true character of numbers and how they should be taught to clarify, magnetise and empower your life. Thoughts become things, so perhaps for the first time, discover how this works from your name, date of birth and the words you use in daily life. Come away with enough knowledge to acknowledge, understand and love your life- on purpose!



Essential Oils

We’re gifting you a selection of essential oils to support your lifestyle reset. These beautiful aroma’s will lift your spirit & energy when you need it most. A great addition to your Lifestyle Reset toolbox.

Walk It Out - The Kokoda Experience

A great read for anyone overcoming fear & creating change. A book written by Anne Clark about her journey to self discovery, developing grit, honouring freedom & finding the joy in life.

Pure Scents Goats Milk Soap

Enjoy nourishing your skin with this beautiful range of boutique crafted goats milk soap.

FREE Fitness Coaching Session

Rod Collins is graciously gifting you a free 1 on 1 fitness coaching session with him at his Silver Fitness Studio, located on the Sunshine Coast.

Organic Teas & Some Special Surprises

I was so excited to attend one of Annie’s Workshops. It was a fun morning sitting around her Breakfast bar sipping Lime & Fennel Tea, eating cashew nut balls, laughing and learning. Annie as always; exuded so much energy and enthusiasm as she shared many other health tips and benefits. Consulting with Annie for the past 2 years has helped me so much.

Debra Pearson

Wow! Just absolutely - Stunning, Amazing, Relaxing, Wonderful, Beautiful weekend and Hosts in Annie and Darryl and Minty. Just an absolute perfect weekend. From the “one on one” Love, Care, Attention, Compassion, Pampering, Massage, Stacks of learning on lots of different subjects and just downright excellent “First Class” customer service and attention to detail. The food was to die for, food porn, sex in my mouth drop dead delicious, colourful, plentiful, tasty, nutrient dense, simply delicious. I spent most of Sunday constantly eating. The best part of the food was it was all home grown on the property. The views are stunning, never ending green, tree spotted hills, in 360 degrees. The cottage is tastefully and quirkily decorated, I love it, very warm and cosy. I love how there are diffusers and doTerra oils and products everywhere. Sharing the Love! Can’t wait to come back. Exceptional place and hosts. Highly recommend.  9/11/2020

Marita Hemingway





All access pass

5 Amazing Guest Speakers

FREE Goodie Bag

Anne Clark’s Essential Oil Masterclass

Anne Clark’s Raw Food Masterclass

Your ticket includes:

  • Gifts and Vouchers to a total of $685.00 +
  • Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea on both days
  • Access to 5 Outstanding speakers and presenters
  • Mini Raw Food Workshop and food preparation demonstration
  • Fitness assessment
  • Retreat Workbook
  • Inspirational wisdom to last a lifetime

This retreat does not include:

  • Accommodation,
  • Transport to the event location,
  • Evening meals
  • Flights

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