Let’s get into it:  In other words, what’s the fine print???
You may be managing your busy head wonderfully, or you may find that you get to the end of the day, and you have exhausted your mental capacity and need a little bit of calm around you!  Either way, you will benefit from these selected essential oils and blends.

Some people unwind with wine (nothing wrong with that), others drink coffee or the like to keep stimulated when a gentle change of appropriate ‘scents’ and essential oils could enhance your human experience and help you to experience a deeper more restorative sleep at night with ‘NO’ side effects.  Okay, you may still want the wine!!!

Annie’s suggestion for ‘Bedtime Bliss’ and a ‘clearer head’ during the day is as follows:

Apply a few drops of Cedarwood under the feet – add Lavender peace (also a few drops), rub gently around the soles of the foot either before bed at night or after a long day for relaxation and calm.  Note Cedarwood has been known to help you go into a deeper sleep, so avoid using if you have to catch an early flight…Remind Annie to tell you that story.

Using Lavender Peace on its own quietens a busy mind.  Good for ‘OCD’ people and very good for anxiety, along with Balance.

Balance is a blend that enhances your ability to calm down and feel peaceful.  I apply balance before a dentist visit, particularly if the visit includes an injection! GULP!

Vetiver is good on its applied to open wounds, and although is in the blend Lavender Peace as one of the ingredients, Vetiver is grounding and can be used to help calm and settle hypo children and adults.

Peace in the 10ml roll-on belongs in every handbag or on every desk.  You never know when you will receive a difficult phone call or have to overcome something, or maybe you just want to smell a lovely scent. Peace is all this and more.

This kit comes with a neat little cardboard box, a Welcome manual, stickers, and the opportunity to buy wholesale thereafter for 12 months.  The retail price of this kit is $250.00.  Note:  I haven’t met one person who wanted to buy this at Retail!!

For a limited time, for every person who invests in this kit, I’m going to gift a book ‘Lose Weight While You Sleep and Eat, Value $24.00 as a gift of encouragement and good old-fashioned practical advice.  You will learn all about the metabolism in this book, and how deeper sleep really does impact fat – burning potential.  I’m also going to add a very special little blend extra a 5ml Wild Orange to the first 10 people who take up this offer.


Total cost of kit offer $188.00.  If you want to be my first 10, just call me NOW.


So, you see, it’s a very special offer, and quite timely.  You are not under any obligation to solicit anyone else into this offer.  I would prefer you to refer other interested folks to me, so I can educate them accordingly.   You just get to enjoy this bonus, and everything else will unfold as you experience these oils in your own time.  This is my personal invitation only!


Please contact Annie at 0402 166 187,  I will need your postal address, your full name, email of choice, phone number, DOB (this is your unique record and what customer service will ask you as a way of identifying you – its’ essential for setting up your account).

Kit Sleep – Calm A Busy Head kit contains:

15 ml Cedarwood

15 ml Vetiver

15 ml Lavender Peace

15 ml Balance

10 ml Roll-on Peace Blend

115 ml Fractionated Coconut Oil (for dispersing the oils onto the skin)


Annie Clark. www.anneclark.com.au  phone. 0402 166 187.  Email:anne@anneclark.com.au


This offer includes the set-up of a wholesale account valid for 12 months (normally $35.00 – but wavered because it’s in kit form).  So, a massive saving and a massive practical and beautiful offer. Book will be posted separately or delivered in person if you are nearby!  Thank you, x Annie,