Anne has been speaking for over 30 years on health and wellbeing and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and empowering others to improve their health and happiness. She has written over 18 books and is a pioneer in healthy eating, being Australia’s first raw food author.

Her qualities as a speaker are down to earth, real, relaxed and humorous. Her vibrant style is both entertaining and educational. She has the ability to instantly connect with an audience and inspire them to live a healthier life. She is skilled at talking about technical subjects in simple terms and has been a regular speaker on QLD Radio & TV and has been invited to guest present at top business networking events around Australia. Anne has been awarded ‘The Lifestyle Award’ at the 2013 Sunshine Coast Women’s Lifestyle Expo.

Anne Clark is available to the media for opinions on health and wellbeing topics including digestion, weight loss, stress, iridology, water quality and raw food.

Anne’s diverse background working as a photographer in the early 80’s for rock and roll bands, musicians, weddings and portraits also provides many humurous stories to draw on.  In 2008 she walked the Kokoda Trail and wrote a book about her experience (Walk It Out - A Kokoda Experience).  Now Annie likes to share with others what life is like for her after the walk.

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