Hard Working Hunza People

The Hunza people are legends in the true sense of the word.  They have mastered the secret of old age, for which the rest of the world has sought so long in vain.  They have evolved a way of living, thinking, and eating that has substantially lengthened their life span.  They don’t have much money, yet they are not poor!  Nestled in an isolated corner of the Himalayan Mountains, HUNZA has been a land of mystery for more than two thousand years. The stories that have come to the outside world in the early ’60s told of a valley of eternal youth, capturing the imagination of every man and woman.

How is it that a tribe in north India and Pakistan, can live free of disease, reaching ages of 115 or more? How is it that these same men can father children at the age of 90? Can we explain Hunza women being just as energetic at 80, as Australian women age 40?  How does that happen? Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that their life in the tiny valley they call home, has remained untouched by civilization for more than 2,000 years!no jails or crime and no juvenile delinquency, yet the children of the Hunza Valley are not restless. They are the healthiest longest-lived people in the world today. (more…)