Landing In Lockdown Then Quarantine!

Landing In Lockdown Then Quarantine!

I found myself in a precarious position, I was forced into ‘lockdown’ in Victoria while visiting my father.  Along with all other Victorians I was sharing their plight in the cold of winter.

I have been known to say to my family, ‘no one is to die in Winter, get married, or have any celebration that requires my presence because it’s just too cold and I won’t be there for that.’

Indeed my trip to Melbourne was to only be for four days.  “Life Is What Happens When You Are Busy Making Other Plans, as John Lennon’s words ring out to me!”   I busied myself sorting out dads’ place by going through various cupboards, draws, storage areas, and more.  Preparing meals for dad, that were healthy and wholesome and enjoying his beautiful company while forced into a Melbourne Lockdown that came out of nowhere but, then when I think about it now, was highly likely to happen! (more…)

When Should You Pay Attention To A Sneeze?

When Should You Pay Attention To A Sneeze?

When Should You Pay Attention To A Sneeze?  There’s a lot of talk about the coronavirus in china right now, clients have been contacting me and asking me ‘Annie, how serious should we be taking this, and is this more about media hype and scaring the ‘crap out of everyone?’

To answer that, just like I told my clients, I am not a doctor and I do not prescribe!  I say the most effective way I can help people is with ‘real’ prevention and immune building practices which I practice myself every day.  In other words, I’m not asking anyone to do something that I’m –

a) not prepared to do myself,

b) not qualified to handle,

c) because my ego tells me I should know better.

So, with that said, if you are sneezing your head off, and you know it’s more than hayfever, and you are not getting over it, then you have to pay attention to the symptoms, out of respect for the people you hang around with!  Read more….