Your Healthy Home, One Room At A Time!

Your Healthy Home, One Room At A Time!

Creating a healthy home does not have to be an exhausting endeavor. In fact, it can be more of an adventure even fun! You do not have to give up your lifestyle or make extreme changes to improve your home.  You just need to open your eyes, and put your nose into action!

Today, many non-toxic and organic products are available at your local supermarket; making it easy for you to integrate these healthier options into your home cleaning regime slowly. We even have some products that are up there in the ‘easier, safer, and healthier class‘ it’s just a matter of reaching for one brand over another that leaves no toxic residue and smells pleasant and natural.  Visit Healthy Home Solutions and you will see what I mean.

Know that with every significant change that you make, you are reducing your exposure to health hazards, you are making a better world.  Get excited about making your home a better place to live, because your healthy home contributes to a healthy planet, and that’s a win-win. (more…)

Healthy Home & Healthy Body!


Doterra Traing Cooroy Home 2014 (31) The first home you live in is your body!  The second home you live in, is the physical structure and  engineering, that is your home.  The health of one, very much reflects the health of the other.

In this article I’d like to just open your mind to the many positive things you can do, to not only keep your home looking amazing, but also keeping everyone who lives and visits you, happy, harmonious and well!