All I Want For Christmas is….

All I Want For Christmas is….

If you are anything like me, you are probably thinking and even singing that song when you see those words‘All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!’  You were singing it, weren’t you?  Here’s a little warning, I’m not going to write much about Christmas I feel a need to express more here in this blog.

You and I know, Christmas will come and go, and we will be into another year before you know it; right now it’s October, and we are thinking about simpler human basics, like ‘when are things going to settle down?’  Will we ever see our relatives and friends down south again? 

Those that have booked flights overseas or interstate and had their flights canceled, will they ever see that refund (myself included)?  Will we be able to fly overseas by choice without being forced to have some sort of vaccine (which I won’t be part of)?

Will we be reduced to video conference calls and zoom calls for our Christmas gatherings? Rules like no touching, no hugging are becoming part of our new norm, this ridiculous ‘elbow tapping’ or ankle tapping, it’s driving us all nuts!  I’m not buying it!  How much of what is being reported is true?


Annie’s Gut Support Essential Oils

Annie’s Gut Support Essential Oils

Everyone at some point in time will have a Gut issue or require some help with their digestive process due to poor food choices, stress, allergies, and anatomical rebellion (my term for when the body has a genuine fault due to no fault of the lifestyle choices, but more likely a situation that one is born with).

The Gut reflects back to you how the rest of the body is dealing with life!  It’s a connective factory in its own right which needs to be fully appreciated and respected.   With that in mind lets have a look at these suggested oils, and what we can do with them:

Doterra has the right sort of food-grade essential oils that support the gut so well, you just need to know how to use them!  That’s what this article is all about, helping you to get the most out of oils when it comes to gut stuff!

Digestzen: (otherwise known as Digestive Blend)

Single oils in this blend are – Ginger, Peppermint, Tarragon, Fennel, Caraway, Coriander, and Anise.

Upset stomach – apply 2 drops over the stomach area.  I add a little Fractionated Coconut oil (FCO) to my palm, then add 2-3 drops, rub the palms together and do a clockwise rub over the abdominal area.  For general maintenance or anxiety, it’s a good one to diffuse in the room and rub on the stomach, as it calms the digestive system.  May need to be reapplied several times in a day, and is safe to do so.

In my selection, I suggest 10ml roll-on and the 15ml one, so that you can easily apply the roll-on when in a hurry and for less oil wastage. The roll-on blend can stay in a sports bag, travel bag, or handbag for finding quickly.

Lemon:  Use lemon essential oil as an uplifting aroma, diffuse in rooms to freshen the environment.  Use internally by applying a drop to a glass or mug, adding room temperature filtered water, or warmer water.  Stir and sip on this throughout the day.  Cleans the body effectively and helps to change the pH. Consume 3-4 times in a day!

Lime & Fennel:  Lime can be used in the same way as lemon, however, combined with Fennel (which is also in the Digestive Blend), it can be used as a tonic.  Apply 3 drops Lime & 3 drops Fennel into empty 2 liter Glass Jug.  Add room temperature water to half, then hot water from the kettle to top it up.  Serve Lime and Fennel warm to improve the Enteric Nervous System, which in turn improves concentration, reduces anxiety, and clears the mind.  Drinking Lime and Fennel helps to break down undigested proteins in the small bowel, thereby increasing the metabolism, improving assimilation and utilization of nutrients and helping you to feel more energetic.  Can be drunk all throughout the day.

Oregano:  Convenient in the 10ml roll-on bottle, apply to improve the immune system, to help as an overall parasite cleanse.  Apply to bottoms of feet 3 times a day, (same time preferably) for 10-day periods towards the full moon, to help disturb parasites.  Can do for up to 3 months until you reach the desired result.  See Annie for more on this.

Suggested times for application are: 7.30am – 1.30pm – 7.00pm.  Oregano can also help the respiratory system.  Antibacterial – apply 1 drop of Oregano to 3 drops of FCO and apply to the liver area and bottoms of feet.

On Guard:  As a protective blend On Guard can be used to massage the throat, make sure you add to FCO.  On Guard is a hot oil and can upset sensitive/young skin without diluting!  What’s in the blend?  Orange, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary. Dilute 1 drop in 15 drops of FCO massage the thymus to stimulate the immune system, and massage under the arms to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Annie’s Candida Sweet Tooth Suggestion:  Cut up 1 apple into fine slices, soak in water that covers the apple pieces.  Add 1-2 drops of On Guard, and 1 drop of lime essential oil.  Soak for 10 minutes before stirring the pieces around a little and chew each piece slowly and methodically for thorough digestion.  The action of chewing stimulates the stomach acids to go to work gently while changing the chemistry of the body and ultimately reducing unnatural cravings.  Note:  It’s unlikely after consuming this that you will want something sweet, as the On Guard essential oil blend changes your taste buds, so you won’t be able to enjoy anything sweet let alone crave it!

Peppermint Beadlets:  Peppermint essential oil enclosed in little tiny balls made out of Guar Gum, Agar, Carrageenan, and vegetable gums.  They are quite effective on long trips to pep you up, and convenient for bad breath (halitosis).  Just place one in your mouth or crush the beadlets in your mouth for an explosion of Peppermint oil.   Note:  There are also On Guard beadlets which can be added to your Gut Support oils and blends.  When you are fasting, cleansing, or eliminating foods from your diet the beadlets can be very useful to keep your mouth feeling fresh and kissable!  (If you have ever fasted and tried to kiss your partner or kids, they will tell you how bad your breath smells).

Peppermint:  Although this essential oil is included in the Digestive Blend, it still deserves to be included in the Gut Support Essentials, in its own right, and that’s because peppermint essential oil is so valuable for allergies, headaches, nausea, and congestion.

Allergies:  if you apply peppermint to Lavender and Lemon with 5ml at least of FCO, apply to the temple area (careful not too close to eyes), and/or a few drops on a handkerchief, to keep near you when seasonal threats are upon you, inhale.  It works for me!

Use Peppermint in tea - 1 drop of peppermint in a 2-liter glass jug with warm to hot water makes a very soothing gut tea, especially if I add 1 – 2 drops of Fennel, this tonic helps with cramps and irritable bowel syndrome.  You can apply peppermint essential oil to the abdomen with FCO and carry out a light massage much like what was suggested for the Digestive roll-on blend.

Peppermint essential oil can assist with making Colon Polyps, Constipation, Crohn’s Disease, Diarrhea, Dysmenorrhea, Halitosis, Migraines, Motion Sickness, Gastric ulcers, and vomiting, more bearable.  Can it cure these issues?  No, I’m not saying that however, some of my clients have experienced significant improvements in their overall health.  The best way to use peppermint first is to remove the lid, smell the aroma in, take a deep breath, and continue to inhale until you are not aware of the strength of the smell.  Diffusing this oil around your kitchen area, alternating between the citrus oils and Digestive blend for a different and complementary effect.

Just using these essential oils in simple and effective ways will support your gut and digestive system in a measurable way.  As with everything, start slowly and record your experiences.  For more help with these single oils and blends contact Annie on 0402 166 187. x