7 Tips For Living Your Bliss

7 Tips For Living Your Bliss

You probably have something that you really love to do, something that ignites your spirit, yet somehow the day, week or month gets away from you and before you know it, precious time passes and you haven’t lived your bliss!

Finding more bliss in your day is about ‘MAKING TIME’ to do the little things that make you feel awesome.  All those ‘little things’ add up and pretty soon they become ‘BIG POSITIVE THINGS’!  

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You may not be able to control the unexpected challenges that come your way, however, you can put these 7 tips and suggestions in place to deal with the bad news, the blahs, the loss of enthusiasm we all experience from time to time — and get your bliss and high spirits back.

***Here are my top 7***

1.  Schedule 1 hour a day minimum for ‘You’ for FUN, your design!

2.  Spend time in nature (that may be your fun).

3.  Embrace a new experience!

4.  Be selective about your interactions - friend audit!

5.  Make a list of everything that’s working in your life - celebrate that with gratitude!

6.  Watch a little comedy - actively seek out laughter every day!

7.  Gain Energy by Expending Energy - Exercise!

The 7th hint is vital, you are going to need ‘energy’ to live your bliss.  Evaluate everything that makes you tired.  This could be some relationships, different types of food or ingredients like Gluten, as an example.  Avoid too many re-heated meals.  These type of meals re-heated generally lack life force, so if you are going to eat something that you have warmed up, always serve fresh greens on the side. This will help the digestion and transition of the meal.

When it comes to interactions with other people, spend more time with people who are kind, loving and peaceful, than the opposite.  Sounds so simple, but time is precious, so if you are hanging around with people who drain your batteries, you are hanging around with the WRONG PEOPLE! 

Living your bliss is about being in harmony and alignment with what you love to do, and making sure there is more time set aside for that.  No one lies on their death bed and says, ‘I wish I worked more!’ unless of course they loved their work.

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