Book Review

Book Review

Annie’s book review for Soraya Saraswati’s book

SHINING THROUGHFrom Grief to Gratitude – Soraya Saraswati

I am changed!  One Sunday afternoon I finally gave this book the read it so deserved.  I said to others about Soraya’s masterpiece of writing, ‘This is a book you can’t read without something within yourself changing.’  You can’t go back to your old self, she or he is no more, as the contents of the book will stir every emotion within you, every doubt you had about yourself as a parent or caregiver is poked and prodded in a loving and tender way as Soraya delivers her raw account of her son’s life, and last days.


Soraya writes about her grief at losing her dear son Prem, with her story of anguish, grief, and gratitude.  Her very own rite of page through the trauma of her son’s suicide.  She writes in a way that you grow and change with her, turning every page, through wisdom, patience, acceptance, and even forgiveness of a situation that became her reality and could be very easily anyone’s reality except for a few different circumstances.


Soraya and I have crossed paths before when I lived in Kuranda, I remember seeing her walking around the markets with her then three lovely young boys.  I never knew the pain she was going through at that time with the domestic situation around the father of her boys.  I am reminded of the saying, ‘Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting their own battle!’.  This dear lady and her children were fighting an inner battle, I’m proud of myself that I never had any judgment of her, merely looked upon the boys and Soraya with admiration because they were all so curious, attractive and appearing to float on life.


I reached out to Soraya and asked permission to review this book, and refer it to anyone who is a mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or friend.


They say you have two deaths; one is the physical death and the other is when people stop speaking your ‘name’.  Soraya, I will never forget your son Prem. This is a must-read for the sake of humanity.  Well done, Soraya, you are a true healer and beautiful human being, through your book you have not only created a wave of healing but honored your son’s life.

.  Annie Clark.

People can purchase from here, or pick one up from me here (all are welcome here):


Give What You Want To Receive…..

Give What You Want To Receive…..

Today, I posted out a gift, a simple and loving gift to a person who I just wanted to thank for their support. I absolutely love giving gifts, it makes me happy, and I know it helps or cheers up someone else, it’s a pleasure to do it.  Ironically, as I returned from the post office and a quick trip out, something beautiful arrived for me!  What do you know!??

I was only sharing with a friend about my joy at giving a presentation, recently to a bunch of souls who needed some cheering up.  I spent some time putting together a bit of a presentation that was relevant to their needs. I had Darryl critique my slide selection before I delivered it, and made sure the presentation was on point and appropriate to the brief I was given by the manager. (more…)