This Time Last Year

This Time Last Year

This time last year I was in hotel quarantine. It wasn’t part of my plan to be in a hotel for 14 days, when I flew down to Melbourne to visit my father.  My trip was a deliberate ‘ check-up of my dad’s place and him as well,’ to see how he was traveling; a 4-night stay, however, in the words of John Lennon, ‘life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.’  On the flight back from Melbourne after being in lockdown for just over a week, I spent a nervous time still unsure if I would be going into quarantine with another passenger, Geraldine.  The two of us flew home on our private jet! We were the only ones on the flight feeling quite special and quite ridiculous at the same time.  Sitting on the wing side seats, with probable luggage under the plane, more than likely sliding into the walls, without any other luggage to buffer it.  Quite a bizarre experience and certainly a first!

Looking back, those 2 weeks - 14 days in the hotel went quicker than I expected, and out of a perceived major inconvenience, I turned it into something good.  For several years I’ve been saying, I’ll get on to this book, the follow-up a book to ‘The Poo In You’.  As I’m out of stock of this book, I wanted to create a book that would be like a sequel, and give more details on living a life in harmony with the gut, the inner and outer world that a human has to navigate to stay well and in tip-top condition.  I knew there would be more to this book, I was struggling with a title and even the content, until I found myself in a confined environment, that I couldn’t leave and circumstances I couldn’t change!  I was forced to get on with it, and I really don’t think I would have been able to produce my book if it wasn’t for this time.

When I arrived at the airport at Maroochydore on the 3rd of June, both Geraldine and myself were greeted by a tall corporate-looking lady with a black mask over her nose and mouth!  I did not wear a mask!  Geraldine was escorted in one direction and I into another.  2 male and 2 female police officers were in the customs room when I arrived. I noticed Geraldine was able to leave and make her way out of the airport, because the night before she stayed overnight in the Melbourne airport and did not exit, she had originally traveled from Tasmania, and was told if she left the airport, she would have to do quarantine in Brisbane!  So Geraldine spent a very uncomfortable night sleeping on her yoga mat with a jacket for a pillow, in an airconditioned airport.  She woke up with a cold!  Don’t you just love the irony of that!

I was getting nervous, as I was all ready to plead my case for isolating at home in our cottage, just like I did back in 2020 when I got caught out flying home from Thailand. I thought I had a red-hot chance of speaking with reason to these police officers. Constable Shayne was an absolute gentleman and showed respect to me as he gave me my three options.  Option one is to fly back to Victoria and wait out the lockdown and the possible rules that go with that.  Not happeningOption two, fly to Sydney at my expense and do my 2 weeks there, again still not knowing if I would be able to cross the border when the two weeks were up.  Not happening.  Option three, get in the little white bus parked out the front of the airport and be escorted down to a hotel in Brisbane by two very attractive male policemen, where I would carry out quarantine for 14 days, finishing, all being well, on the 17th of June!  I selected option three.  But I added my own option to that, Option four - I’ll do the quarantine, but I’ll turn it into an opportunity to write. I’ll be disciplined, and I’ll write for 5 hours every day.  I’ll watch movies too, I’ll exercise, I’ll call up people I want to talk to, and I’ll do the quarantine but I’ll maintain my own council over the situation.  This is what got me through.  My brother Andrew mentioned to me before I left Melbourne, if you are unlucky and have to do the ‘time’, make it pay, make it work for you, and set up a schedule and follow your schedule every day.  He was 100% correct.

Each day, I got up around 7 am, deep breathing first, then I exercised in the room, and moved about, just like I would if I were walking at home in the country.  I paced the room, 10 meters of it, sometimes with Darryl on the phone and walked for 25-30 minutes, then I did a few gym sessions to on line trainers, that was fun, then I got sick of that and went back to my routine, and every day I felt like I was getting fitter too.  When I finished the exercise, yoga, and stretching session, I would shower, and then the knock on the door would mean my cold breakfast would arrive in brown paper bags.  I would nibble on the banana bread, which wasn’t too bad, and really the only decent thing in the breakfast bag.  I would heat up the kettle and have hot water with lime and fennel essential oil (I had my oils with me), then begin my writing, with my laptop set up on the table in the room.  By 1pm. I had done pages and pages of writing, and the information flowed. I would reward myself with lunch, which again arrived with a knock at the door and in a brown paper bag.  After lunch, I would watch a movie or if really motivated, keep writing.

Before I left for Melbourne, I had the presence of mind to have Alex Fullerton - from Author Support Services send me the framework for writing my book, as I thought I would look at it during those cold Melbourne nights. I never worked on the book while at my dad’s place, as we were too busy doing other things.  I cleaned out dad’s cupboards, tidied the house, went through photos and family history with dad, and turned our 11 days together into heaps of fun, although always a little anxious as we didn’t know when I would be able to fly back to Queensland without quarantine!!!  That was constant stress, however, keeping busy helped both dad and I to get through that.

Back to hotel quarantine, around 4 days before I was due to end my quarantine at the Mariot Bonvoy, I got a call from reception, they said that because I was flagged as someone that had spent my time in Melbourne in a not-so-hot zone, I could go home early, but I had to be ready in the next 15 minutes.  I was a bit put out, but I scrambled up all my things, packed away my writer’s office, and emptied out rubbish into bags I’d kept, surveyed my environment as it if I would never see it again.  I was ready one minute over the time, I phoned reception, only to be told they made a mistake, I still had to do the four more days!  I wasn’t upset about this, as I had work to do. I shrugged it off pretty quickly and got back to setting up my space again.

I had a view of the Brisbane River, I thought about what it must look like when it floods and hoped like hell that would never happen again, but it did in February this year and we all know how that turned out.  The whole quarantine thing really was a disaster if you ask me, and I have experienced all types of quarantine from home, hotel, lock-down, and then even time in a Thai Hospital (a whole other story), and every part of the experience has taught me to roll with the punches, to adjust, to pivot. I’m not saying I always do this well, but it helps if you have some tricks up your sleeve.  For me writing, recording, thinking, reading, and viewing specific documentaries or movies that had or have a purpose, for me makes the day worthwhile.  Keeping my movement up, keeping active, and keeping thankful, grateful, seeing the good in every situation, what a difference that can make.

I have come to realize the hills and valleys and crevices in my mind are full of potential brilliance and positivity If I train it proportionately.  There is no room for negativity, there is always good in every situation.  Out of hotel quarantine came my book Lifestyle Reset The Essential Guide To Healing You and the Planet.  This book is my legacy, with every subject that relates to mental health, bowel health, Iridology, Recipes that are plant-based, and some good reasons to embrace a plant-based lifestyle in the first place.  Ayurveda concepts, a dosha quiz, photographs of my creations in the kitchen, my family, and even my dad doing a little yoga with me.  All this came together with a whole lot of help from Alex and her team, Darryl with the photograph sourcing and placement, and myself for just writing what I believed needed to be written.

This time last year, I was inside a hotel, I was pacing the floor, watching movies, even sharing a gym session with Darryl via zoom, and envying him the sunshine I could see beaming through our little atrium-style gym, surround by glass doors letting the nature shine through.  This time last year I learned to accept the unacceptable, and you know what I am better for it.  If you would like a copy of my book, and a surprise gift, click on this link.  Lifestyle Reset is one of my best creations.  I know you will love it.


All I Want For Christmas is….

All I Want For Christmas is….

If you are anything like me, you are probably thinking and even singing that song when you see those words‘All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!’  You were singing it, weren’t you?  Here’s a little warning, I’m not going to write much about Christmas I feel a need to express more here in this blog.

You and I know, Christmas will come and go, and we will be into another year before you know it; right now it’s October, and we are thinking about simpler human basics, like ‘when are things going to settle down?’  Will we ever see our relatives and friends down south again? 

Those that have booked flights overseas or interstate and had their flights canceled, will they ever see that refund (myself included)?  Will we be able to fly overseas by choice without being forced to have some sort of vaccine (which I won’t be part of)?

Will we be reduced to video conference calls and zoom calls for our Christmas gatherings? Rules like no touching, no hugging are becoming part of our new norm, this ridiculous ‘elbow tapping’ or ankle tapping, it’s driving us all nuts!  I’m not buying it!  How much of what is being reported is true?


Don’t Wait For The Diagnosis!

Don’t Wait For The Diagnosis!

Don’t wait for the diagnosis! images

You know every day is an opportunity to create a mini health retreat experience, however, some people need the diagnosis to jolt them into action!

One of my clients came to me with a folder full of X-rays, doctor reports, Medication details and appointments for the proposed surgery date. They were now faced with the prospect of their mortality and realized that everything they had been doing up until that present day, had been creating their disease, and they were abruptly brought into the zone, where the focus was now on the new lifestyle habits and choices, and the new emphasis on living, but now with URGENCY!

This person was in some mental turmoil, to say the least, but now completely motivated to make some changes.  My role in all this was to help my client identify how creative they were in their design and the ingredients they were using for their ‘lifestyle disease cake’.  I wanted to help this person identify what brought the condition to them in the first place.

I ask this question, ‘What is the recipe for disease?’  You see, it’s one thing to remove the cyst or lump; it’s common to have the surgery, have the offending ‘end result’ removed, but who’s looking at what created the problem in the first place.  Removal means the issue is visibly dealt with, however, there is every chance it will come back.  You have to evaluate the past to prevent the reoccurrence, and you need to look at your role in all of this, your creative role! 

My client can now see that there was a very detailed ‘recipe’ for the condition created, and although it may appear that the ‘disease cake’ is cooking away in the oven on high temp, there is now an awareness.

The recipe for any ‘disease cake’ usually has one dominating ingredient!  This one dominating ingredient is ‘STRESS’.

If you were baking a real traditional type cake, you would add an egg or two, right?  With the ‘disease cake’ I look for the traumatic time in your history or ‘herstory’, the stressful situation that manifested perhaps months or years back.  Your recipe for your disease cake is always going to be unique because you are unique, but the binding ingredient for your ‘disease cake’ will always be stress, or should I say your perception of what is going on around you.

Your real cake recipe would have flour and liquid of some sort, in the disease cake the liquid part is the ‘meaning, the emphasis’ you place on things that happen to ‘you’ or that ‘you’ are going through.

I see people connect the dots when I ask them about a traumatic situation or a stressful time that they went through and I find out how they handled it.  After all that evaluation, I’m happy to say there is some good news.  One can always lay new foundations for a whole new healthy ‘you’.  This is why I have created specific retreats, like the ‘Lifestyle Reset Retreat’, more on that in a moment!

‘The good news’, I reminded my client, ‘is one can lay the foundations for Model and Make ‘YOU’ 12 months from the existing date – therefore stripping back the diseased tissue with good nutrition, juices and other lifestyle alterations that will not only bring one into alignment with vitality but empower one to take charge of their own health.  You get a clearer head, and with clarity, everything looks better; you are stronger and more able to resist the destructive ingredients that otherwise would have been very easily invited back into your life!

You have the power to create ‘magnificent health’, and turn your disease into ‘liv-ease’  – living with ease and grace.

Observing nature in all her forms, following natural hygiene principals, cleaning out the colon, eating more life-giving foods, and really thinking about what you are thinking about!