OCD – ADHD – When It’s A Good thing!

OCD – ADHD – When It’s A Good thing!

I’ve never considered OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as being a bad thing, because my OCD means I’ve got stuff done, and I’ve been a little more detailed!  However, it can be exhausting for people to live with people like ‘me’!  Sadly most people only focus on the negatives. In reality, there are many advantages to living life with OCD. When you understand what those advantages are, you can start viewing your symptoms in a different way. Let me take you there, read on…..

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: OCD: Attention Deficit Hypoactivity Disorder: ADHD:  Attention Deficit Disorder: ADD. (more…)

Book Review

Book Review

Annie’s book review for Soraya Saraswati’s book

SHINING THROUGHFrom Grief to Gratitude – Soraya Saraswati

I am changed!  One Sunday afternoon I finally gave this book the read it so deserved.  I said to others about Soraya’s masterpiece of writing, ‘This is a book you can’t read without something within yourself changing.’  You can’t go back to your old self, she or he is no more, as the contents of the book will stir every emotion within you, every doubt you had about yourself as a parent or caregiver is poked and prodded in a loving and tender way as Soraya delivers her raw account of her son’s life, and last days.


Soraya writes about her grief at losing her dear son Prem, with her story of anguish, grief, and gratitude.  Her very own rite of page through the trauma of her son’s suicide.  She writes in a way that you grow and change with her, turning every page, through wisdom, patience, acceptance, and even forgiveness of a situation that became her reality and could be very easily anyone’s reality except for a few different circumstances.


Soraya and I have crossed paths before when I lived in Kuranda, I remember seeing her walking around the markets with her then three lovely young boys.  I never knew the pain she was going through at that time with the domestic situation around the father of her boys.  I am reminded of the saying, ‘Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting their own battle!’.  This dear lady and her children were fighting an inner battle, I’m proud of myself that I never had any judgment of her, merely looked upon the boys and Soraya with admiration because they were all so curious, attractive and appearing to float on life.


I reached out to Soraya and asked permission to review this book, and refer it to anyone who is a mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or friend.


They say you have two deaths; one is the physical death and the other is when people stop speaking your ‘name’.  Soraya, I will never forget your son Prem. This is a must-read for the sake of humanity.  Well done, Soraya, you are a true healer and beautiful human being, through your book you have not only created a wave of healing but honored your son’s life.

.  Annie Clark.

People can purchase from here, or pick one up from me here (all are welcome here):https://sorayasaraswati.com/shining-through/


The Age Of Anxiety

The Age Of Anxiety

Anxiety can often be overlooked or mistaken for another condition, and therefore undiagnosed, misunderstood, and psychologically swept under the carpet, while the Anxiety itself creates havoc in the nervous system of the body.  Catching the signs of anxiety early can mean the prevention of far more grave conditions.

Anxiety is a feeling that manifests in various ways, it can begin with your heart beating faster, usually in response to a stressful situation.  Another symptom, even more, common is your palms become sweaty as you’re confronted with a perceived overwhelming task or event.  Note the word ‘perceived’!  Everything in life comes back to perception.  How you respond to any given situation is directly related to your personal, private interpretation of that situation, ‘perception’. (more…)

The Power Of  A Garden To Heal

The Power Of A Garden To Heal

2020 has been more about the garden for me, which means not as much writing!  I was a bit guilty about it at first then a friend said to me, ‘you know your garden time is okay Annie because there are different ways to express, create and release, this year it’s the garden, and the garden has been your saviour.’

Although looking at me, with the scratches, bumps, and grazes I’ve sustained from moving around rocks, wood chips, lifting fence palings, tripping on pavers, planting trees, uprooting trees, trimming, etc, you may not agree about the ‘saviour’ bit. Thank goodness for Correct X. I use this for my skin cuts etc. I’ll have it on the website for more information.

I find the garden very satisfying, despite the injuries! I was always a bit ‘gun-ho‘ as a little girl growing up. I would dive right in and give my dad a hand moving around garden waste, helping him create a bluestone wall in the back yard, while my more studios brothers were inside studying. (more…)

Niacin, Vitamin B3 – We Need It More Now Than Ever!

Niacin, Vitamin B3 – We Need It More Now Than Ever!


Niacin Why We Need It!

What do you know about Niacin?  Like most people, probably not much!  Niacin (Vitamin B3) is one of the most underrated players in the B Complex Vitamins. Your body gets niacin through food but also makes small amounts from the amino acid *Ltryptophan. Every part of your body needs Niacin to function properly.

As a supplement, niacin is vital, especially for ‘mental health’, balancing emotions, and dealing with good and bad news. Niacin may help lower cholesterol, ease arthritis, and boost brain function, among other benefits. Let’s focus on the brain function part first. As you are reading this, your comprehension is related to how much Niacin is circulating through your nervous system. Niacin is water-soluble, so your body doesn’t store it very well. This also means that your body can excrete excess amounts of the Niacin if it’s not needed. (more…)