Book Review

Book Review

Annie’s book review for Soraya Saraswati’s book

SHINING THROUGHFrom Grief to Gratitude – Soraya Saraswati

I am changed!  One Sunday afternoon I finally gave this book the read it so deserved.  I said to others about Soraya’s masterpiece of writing, ‘This is a book you can’t read without something within yourself changing.’  You can’t go back to your old self, she or he is no more, as the contents of the book will stir every emotion within you, every doubt you had about yourself as a parent or caregiver is poked and prodded in a loving and tender way as Soraya delivers her raw account of her son’s life, and last days.


Soraya writes about her grief at losing her dear son Prem, with her story of anguish, grief, and gratitude.  Her very own rite of page through the trauma of her son’s suicide.  She writes in a way that you grow and change with her, turning every page, through wisdom, patience, acceptance, and even forgiveness of a situation that became her reality and could be very easily anyone’s reality except for a few different circumstances.


Soraya and I have crossed paths before when I lived in Kuranda, I remember seeing her walking around the markets with her then three lovely young boys.  I never knew the pain she was going through at that time with the domestic situation around the father of her boys.  I am reminded of the saying, ‘Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting their own battle!’.  This dear lady and her children were fighting an inner battle, I’m proud of myself that I never had any judgment of her, merely looked upon the boys and Soraya with admiration because they were all so curious, attractive and appearing to float on life.


I reached out to Soraya and asked permission to review this book, and refer it to anyone who is a mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or friend.


They say you have two deaths; one is the physical death and the other is when people stop speaking your ‘name’.  Soraya, I will never forget your son Prem. This is a must-read for the sake of humanity.  Well done, Soraya, you are a true healer and beautiful human being, through your book you have not only created a wave of healing but honored your son’s life.

.  Annie Clark.

People can purchase from here, or pick one up from me here (all are welcome here):


Dont you just love a visit to the Dentist?…..

Dont you just love a visit to the Dentist?…..

So how do you like going to the dentist, having your mouth poked, prodded, and sometimes injected? Up until a year or so ago, I would put it off rather than face the music because of previous trauma.  Trauma doesn’t go away easily!

Ironically, it’s very rare that you find someone that actually likes going to the dentist.  More people stress out about the dentist than any other practitioner.  It’s probably a profession that has more depressed practitioners than any medical profession because most dentists are feared rather than revered. A brain surgeon is looked upon with such respect, Action movie stars get accolades for their craft, but the poor old average dentist would rarely be on someone’s Christmas card list let alone have happy kids and parents bound into their surgeries exclaiming, ‘come and get it - can’t wait to have an injection!’ (more…)

Don’t Wait For The Diagnosis!

Don’t Wait For The Diagnosis!

Don’t wait for the diagnosis! images

You know every day is an opportunity to create a mini health retreat experience, however, some people need the diagnosis to jolt them into action!

One of my clients came to me with a folder full of X-rays, doctor reports, Medication details and appointments for the proposed surgery date. They were now faced with the prospect of their mortality and realized that everything they had been doing up until that present day, had been creating their disease, and they were abruptly brought into the zone, where the focus was now on the new lifestyle habits and choices, and the new emphasis on living, but now with URGENCY!

This person was in some mental turmoil, to say the least, but now completely motivated to make some changes.  My role in all this was to help my client identify how creative they were in their design and the ingredients they were using for their ‘lifestyle disease cake’.  I wanted to help this person identify what brought the condition to them in the first place.

I ask this question, ‘What is the recipe for disease?’  You see, it’s one thing to remove the cyst or lump; it’s common to have the surgery, have the offending ‘end result’ removed, but who’s looking at what created the problem in the first place.  Removal means the issue is visibly dealt with, however, there is every chance it will come back.  You have to evaluate the past to prevent the reoccurrence, and you need to look at your role in all of this, your creative role! 

My client can now see that there was a very detailed ‘recipe’ for the condition created, and although it may appear that the ‘disease cake’ is cooking away in the oven on high temp, there is now an awareness.

The recipe for any ‘disease cake’ usually has one dominating ingredient!  This one dominating ingredient is ‘STRESS’.

If you were baking a real traditional type cake, you would add an egg or two, right?  With the ‘disease cake’ I look for the traumatic time in your history or ‘herstory’, the stressful situation that manifested perhaps months or years back.  Your recipe for your disease cake is always going to be unique because you are unique, but the binding ingredient for your ‘disease cake’ will always be stress, or should I say your perception of what is going on around you.

Your real cake recipe would have flour and liquid of some sort, in the disease cake the liquid part is the ‘meaning, the emphasis’ you place on things that happen to ‘you’ or that ‘you’ are going through.

I see people connect the dots when I ask them about a traumatic situation or a stressful time that they went through and I find out how they handled it.  After all that evaluation, I’m happy to say there is some good news.  One can always lay new foundations for a whole new healthy ‘you’.  This is why I have created specific retreats, like the ‘Lifestyle Reset Retreat’, more on that in a moment!

‘The good news’, I reminded my client, ‘is one can lay the foundations for Model and Make ‘YOU’ 12 months from the existing date – therefore stripping back the diseased tissue with good nutrition, juices and other lifestyle alterations that will not only bring one into alignment with vitality but empower one to take charge of their own health.  You get a clearer head, and with clarity, everything looks better; you are stronger and more able to resist the destructive ingredients that otherwise would have been very easily invited back into your life!

You have the power to create ‘magnificent health’, and turn your disease into ‘liv-ease’  – living with ease and grace.

Observing nature in all her forms, following natural hygiene principals, cleaning out the colon, eating more life-giving foods, and really thinking about what you are thinking about!