The power of smiling:
I was out walking along the glorious Noosa National Park walking track recently. I was particularly aware of people’s responses to my ‘Good morning’, and I smiled at each one of them as I said this. The responses were varied and intriguing. Some people didn’t even reply, and others had joyous responses to my greeting. I noticed many runners and walkers this particular morning, and except for one runner, they all seemed very serious.

The runner that stood out was in black with pink runners and she had this gorgeous beaming smile. It made me want to talk with her just to find out what her perspective on life was. It made me want to reach out and just be around her. I could tell by the expression on her face that she was a positive person. Some people have permanent smiles on their faces while others have frown lines deeply imbedded into their faces. These lines tell tales of woe and angst, then I thought about my own face, and wondered what my lines revealed about me!

Ironically on the same day as all this reflection I noticed a message from LinkedIn, a congratulations message, from Michael Alvanos. He sent me a link about ‘smiling’. It was an extremely good and valuable presentation. I’ve often explored the hidden powers of smiling myself while people observing. I have a bit of fun with it when I’m out and about. I just smile at everyone and notice that I get a few smiles back, and sometimes I just can’t budge the grumpy faces. It can almost be as hard as pulling teeth! Smiling is infectious… Don’t you just love being around people who are smiling?
Check out his amazing TED Talk I’m sure you will agree it is not only informative, but very uplifting to hear.

Okay, so keep smiling, it’s healthy! x Annie Clark.