9f6bce34f9abb7a2c3a18fbe328e816a ‘What is the worst thing you could possibly do with your vehicle?’.... Answer, well there is probably several ‘worst things’ you could do, but I’m going to share with you about ‘the one thing that I did, that was really about the worst thing I could have done to my ‘husbands’ vehicle’, all while trying to do a good turn.  There is a moral to this story, so read on…..

It was a hot and humid Sunday morning, I borrowed my husbands car to drive to the market.  It’s something I have done before, and will do again.  On the way, I looked down at the fuel gage and I could see it was close to empty.  So, I thought to myself, I’m going to top up his car, and do him a good turn.  After all, he has been good enough to lend me his car to take all my stuff to the market for several times now, so I’m going to do something nice for him.

I pull into the Shell petrol station, and I know full well his car takes Diesel, I go to the Diesel pump, and the rest is a blank to me, as I probably lost focus and put the ULP pump into the hole, as I usually fill up my own vehicle and my car takes ULP.  I was on automatic pilot!

I think I was also in a hurry, which would be typical of me.  Message number one, never rush when it comes to putting fuel in your car or anyone’s car for that matter.

I drive away none the wiser, to a full day at the market.  Park the car, unpack my market stall, and get on with the day.  It’s stinking hot, very little business, and I’m tired, like I was at the start of the day.

I pack up my market stall at 2pm.  Fill up the car delicately with tables and boxes, careful not to put any marks on the interior. I even check the exterior to make sure all is good.  I notice when I turn on the ignition that the motor sounds a little clunky, like there is something caught in the engine, but I don’t give it another thought.

I drive 22km back home, reverse beautifully into the carport, unpack the car.  My husband and I are too exhausted to do anything but enjoy a movie in the cool part of the home, there is never a thought about what may be developing in his car, because we are oblivious at this stage.  We discuss our week and go off to bed.

The next morning, we enjoy our usual walk and exercise routine.  We have breakfast and Darryl (my husband) gets into his car and switches on the ignition and surprise - surprise, it wouldn’t start!  It was a bit of a shock to him, as he had just dealt with the field mice invasion a few weeks before that, (they did some significant damage eating through wires) so he thought they may have eaten their way through the transmission again.

He asks me for the fuel receipt and sure enough, it was ULP that I put in a car that only takes Diesel.  I feel instantly sick.  Oh Dear!  RACQ comes to the rescue, the car is towed away, and overnight receives a drain and transplant. I post a comment on face book about my mistake, and get a whole bunch of horror stories.  The next day we are told the vehicle is ready.  I drive Darryl down to the RACQ workshop in Cooroy.  I hand over my credit card (I don’t look at how much it costs) all is well in the world again, but not with my bank balance, and the car seems to be driving better than ever.  Darryl is okay and of course forgives me, but that was one expensive fill-up.  You could say one expensive good turn.

All this got me thinking about our own bodies, and the way we run magnificently on the best fuel, and can eventually come to a grinding halt eating the wrong food.  We can appear to get away with it, much like I did for 22 kilometers with my husband’s car, but I would only be able to do that for so long, just as with our own bodies, we can only get away with poor food choices for so long.  After a while little things show up in the physical body, and we don’t do so well.  Our inner engines get clunky, and there are warning bells, but we may not hear them!

Warning bells like stiffness when getting up from a chair, headaches that don’t go away, fuzzy thoughts and lack of clarity, extreme fatigue that can’t be addressed with a good night’s rest, rashes on the skin, and other allergies manifesting again, just don’t seem to heal or change for the better.  Piling on the weight in the abdominal area and around the legs. Cancerous cells grow in an abnormal and aggressive fashion and timing.  These are all manifestations that have developed over time, and can all be linked back to the wrong fuel.

Sometimes my clients look at me stunned when I suggest that they cut back substantially on overcooked meals, gluten, dairy, refined sugar, conventional tea, coffee, and malted-type drinks.  You would think I asked them to amputate a limb! I suggest alternatives like green drinks, smoothies, pureed coconut cream and seeds, and still this is considered too hard for some.  Go gently, no need to stress about it, just take your time, and build up to a more green lifestyle.

Premium Fuel is what our well-tuned bodies deserve. Green Food.  Every day in our household we drink a green drink first thing.  Jade Greenzymes are our chosen greens.  This is like putting the very best fuel into our engine and sets us up for clean blood and excellent chemistry. Check out the details on Jade Greezymes for more information.

I will never make the mistake of putting the wrong sort of fuel in anyone’s car again, never!  I think it’s worth mentioning here, I will never put the wrong fuel in my husbands vehicle ever!!!. Or at the very least if I do have to fill it, I will take my time with the process and not run on automatic pilot, which to be fair is probably what kind of mindset I was in.  Being present takes just a switch in consciousness.  Asking yourself, ‘what am I doing here?’ checking in so to speak.  It just takes a little switch.

Our body only takes Premium Fuel!  Take time to fill up appropriately and enjoy the drive!

Ps… oh and I could have done far worse to the vehicle, I could have run into something, or run over something or someone. I reflect that would have been the worst thing!  I’m grateful that my lesson was just some financial loss, all good, I live to tell the story. Life goes on!   Note the next speaking events I have lined up for Rockhampton, Townsville, and Cairns.