What is diabetes?  Diabetes is a Greek term that describes dangerously elevated blood sugar levels.  The word literally means, “to urinate honey”, which symbolizes what occurs when blood sugar levels go ultra-high, and the kidneys have to excrete excess glucose (blood sugar) so as to prevent bodily damage from hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).

Deceptive Vegetable Oil:

When we consume industrially-altered artificial trans-fats such as hydrogenated oils generally called “vegetable oil”, and “unsalted” oils like soy and canola, we may be fooled to think they are good oils, but they are not.  These oils damage our cell walls in such a way that they can’t respond to the chemical message carried by the hormone insulin, which normally tells the cells to absorb and burn up excess sugar in the blood.

So, when our cells are congested and confused with toxic fats, blood sugar goes up and available energy goes down, causing intense craving for dietary sugar, even though glucose levels are already too high.  This is something to watch out for, as your afternoon sugar cravings may be connected to diabetes.

Obviously, consuming yet more sugar serves to compound this problem by further raising blood glucose levels in a vicious spiral called insulin-resistant Type II Diabetes, which is a global epidemic.

In Type II Diabetes as we eat sugars and simple carbohydrates, insulin is released by the pancreas in order to tell the body’s cells to absorb this excess glucose (blood sugar), but the artificial fat-blocked cells cannot take in the sugar because the insulin which is supposed to signal sugar uptake is blocked, and blood sugar levels increase to an unhealthy, or even dangerous degree.  Hence the term “insulin-resistant diabetes”, which in modern reality means “fake-fat-choked cells”.  Therefore, type II Diabetes is actually a “junk food-induced high blood sugar/low energy disorder.”

Fatigue, obesity, Immune Issues:   

The most common symptoms are chronic fatigue, obesity, compromised blood circulation, and immune dysfunction.

Compromised, toxic cells won’t absorb blood sugar, so one can have high glucose levels in the bloodstream, and yet be exhausted from low glucose levels in the cells! No amount of sugar restriction or prescription medication will actually remedy the underlying problem, which is caused by consuming unnatural fats and oils and/or extreme amounts of certain extra-thick natural fats like very excessive consumption of meat grease and milk fat.

If this sounds familiar, the following will help you to learn what you can do.

Type I diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin, which is usually caused by being born of a diabetic mother, or by letting Type II diabetes go too far for too long and exhausting the pancreas by demanding that it produce more insulin than is possible, resulting in pancreatic failure.

There is also evidence that bacteria, viruses, and parasites can attack the pancreas, destroying the cells that produce insulin, thereby causing insulin deficiency, which promotes high blood sugar levels and low sugar levels within the body’s cells.

White Flour Death: 

The bleach used to make white flour white has been discovered to destroy the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin.  There is now epidemiological evidence that radiation such as from leaking nuclear power stations and clouds of depleted uranium from modern warfare cause vast swaths of markedly increased incidence of insulin deficiency.  In your efforts to avoid being a diabetic statistic, avoid white flour products as much as you can.

Type II diabetes is the previously mentioned insulin-resistant high-blood sugar condition.  This syndrome is primarily caused by a very bad diet, modern stress, and insufficient exercise.

In other words, Type II diabetes is a direct result of human lifestyle choices!

There is the hope of a reversal of this disease, however, it requires a knowing and reduction and elimination of Junk, nutrient-deficient food.  95% of diabetes is a direct result of blocked uptake of blood sugar due to consumption of junk food in the form of excessive unnatural fats and oils, which prevents cellular absorption of both insulin and blood sugar.

Our bodies are a direct evolution of diets of natural plants, seeds, nuts, little meat, and seafood caught and harvested in sustainable ways.  We are not equipped to consume processed refined carbohydrates, fake fats, MSG, artificial flavors, preservatives, etc.

Human beings thrive on what has always been natural, recognizable foods from the source, combined with exercise and time to relax which prevents Type II diabetes.

How to Change: 

Although sugar is of concern, focus on the type of fats and oils you let into your body!  The good fats are omega-3, omega-6, and smaller amounts of omega-9.

These essential fatty acids are found in seeds and nuts, fresh vegetables and fruit, free-range meats, and cold-water fish.  The human body requires approximately twice as much omega-e as omega-6.  The easiest method of obtaining these fats on a daily basis is to go out and buy bottles of high-quality cold-pressed flax oil and sesame oil, hemp seed oil, or a balanced omega-fat mixture with twice as much omega-3 as omega-6 and some omega-9.

Throughout the day just make sure to take a minimum teaspoon of your essential fatty acid oils.  These essential fatty acids will trade places with the bad fake fats and rehabilitate your body’s cells’ capacity to respond to insulin and absorb sugars to produce energy, effectively reversing Type II Diabetes!

Good Fats:

Good fats can be taken straight by the spoonful, or mixed into foods such as salads, sauces, vegetable dishes, etc. as long as they are consumed unheated.  Cooking the essential omega fats will reduce their effectiveness, so make sure to take them raw.  Exercise is the key as well.  keep walking and moving.

You will be looking for recipes that support this theory, In The Raw, Lifestyle Reset - The Essential Guide To Healing You and the Planet, are two such books that are packed with simple and effective recipes for food combinations that support your efforts to get more essential fatty acids into your day.

EnzymesEnzymes come pre-packaged in raw natural foods.  lots of enzymes are required to assimilate cooked foods, junk food, and unnatural ingredients, which are enzyme-free.  Enzymes also prevent premature aging from various sugars cross-linking in our bodily proteins and stiffening tissue, compromising blood flow, lymph flow, oxygen circulation, etc.  By eating well, we can reverse major illnesses and conquer our biggest health challenges.  The combination is movement, mindset, and nutrition.  MMN..

What it really comes down to is managing stress, because increased adrenaline, the adrenal fight-or-flight response, contributes to high insulin levels, causing even more anxiety, which further ups the stress level in a vicious cycle of toxic overcompensation.  Something has to give and often it’s the poor old pancreas or the adrenals, or the brain that gives and then breaks!

To implement this knowledge one simply replaces what is killing us with what heals us.  Eat vegetables for snacks.  Reasonable amounts of quality protein and good fat at main meals are fine for everyone, as this is what our ancestors ate.  Gently slow-cook in order to damage as little of the food value as possible.  Use only pure coconut oil for frying, because it doesn’t turn toxic at higher temperatures, as do other oils. 

Citrus Essential Oils to note, the FAB Four - Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit, and Fennel (combine Fennel with Lime for a Gut Tonic).

For more information, get in touch with Annie and note the next Raw Food Workshop coming up.