Recently while my husband Darryl, was dumping a full wheelbarrow of garden debris into our Mulch pile, he quite literally ‘tripped over the largest pumpkin’ we have ever grown.  It was magnificent and ready to be picked right at that moment! So he brought it up to the house with a proud look on his face, and I was delighted to take delivery of our wild, homegrown creation.

On close inspection around the banana trees and pumpkin patch, we could see there were more pumpkins developing. This got me thinking about our garden and the extraordinary growth and advancement that has taken place, particularly over the last 16 months. They say that ‘every problem of the world can be solved with a garden‘.  I agree with this sentiment so much, as I have felt the therapy of my garden on many an occasion.  I find myself preferring the company of my plants for longer periods of time.  As I draw in the vibration of the green leaves and aesthetics of the flowers and their scents, there is no better place to be.  What about you?  Do you have a garden?

I came back from Thailand on the last flight back in March 2020 and self-isolated myself out in our guest cottage for 2 weeks.  I loved it so much that I spent a few extra nights out there even though my isolation period was up.  I used the time to work on the garden and repair myself a little more, although whenever I’m in the garden I always end up with scratches and cuts to match my enthusiasm!  Thank goodness for essential oils, see my article on first aid using essential oils, just might help you to have a few of these recommendations up your sleeve!

As we do several retreats each year, it was timely that I practice what I preach and get stuck into effective nutritious food creation.  We have a very special contributing speaker at our ‘Lifestyle Reset Retreat’ in Andrew McLennon who presents passionately about ‘nutrient-dense food’, how to grow it, why it’s important to grow something of your own, and how to be a functioning contributor to this changing world in a positive way.  I call it, ‘Being the Solution‘, rather than ‘Creating more problems‘!

I managed to do some repair on the garden around our cottage and put seedlings in the ground, use cuttings for future greening and produce and cut away growth that was competing for light with our Avocado, citrus trees, and our passion fruit vines.  Down the track, I was in complete gratitude as I was able to gorge myself with wild Passion fruit pulp which was the fruit from my labors back in March and April 2020.  What bliss. I never take it for granted and feel so blessed to be able to nourish successfully from my own garden.

What does this mean for you?  Not everyone has access to space for growing food, especially if you are living in a city apartment or several stories up where there is no land.  There’s a solution for you around growing food, you can sprout a living crop of microgreens or sprouts on your kitchen bench, the only requirement is some sort of natural light.  Most apartments have a balcony, so you can grow a small cumquat tree or a tray of greens on a stand or bench on the balcony or veranda.  It’s really exciting and rewarding how much can be achieved with a little effort and/or space..

Tripping over pumpkins‘, passion fruit, bananas, silver beets, beetroot, parsley, basil, lettuce of all kinds, shallots, limes, oranges, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, bok choy, and chives just to name a few, is to me the icing on the cake. The end game? Self-sustainable and less reliant on supermarkets.  Andrew McLennan helped us through the creation of the water fed pods, and Darryl Clark was brilliant at doing the real physical work of putting them all together.

Our next Lifestyle Reset Retreat will inspire you to not only have some ownership around the nutrient density of your food but also how to improve every aspect of your human experience.  From hydration to breathing; finding your sense of humor again to effortlessly making changes that ‘work’.  To understand why your enteric nervous system (ENS) is a significant invisible communications network or highway that runs through the body like a river or valley and is directly linked to your ability to take in information and retain that information.  A healthy enteric nervous system is very much your antenna to being able to decipher ‘bullshit’ when you hear it or know when a food is upsetting you long before you have eaten too much of it.  I will be presenting on this fascinating subject on day two of the retreat.

This year we have a new speaker contributing her knowledge around communication and relationships.  Everything we do in life and business relies on us being effective in the way we communicate.  Kim Taylor will delve into that in more detail making this a very extraordinary learning experience for the student, the mother, the father, the businessman, or woman ‘everyone‘ who has found themselves in a difficult situation because of a communication failure, will gain valuable insight from this session, which is day one of our Lifestyle Reset Retreat.  It’s not too late to book, so get cracking.  (more information on LRR please).

We also have Rebecca Rowe, who will guide us magnificently through the art of detoxifying.  Her main talk will cover –

  • Why detoxing should be a regular part of your health regime.
  • The signs and symptoms that indicate toxicity within the body.
  • The damaging effects an underlying parasite causes
  • The correct ways to detox and remove toxicity and parasite overload.
  • How to be free of bloating, weight gain, cravings, foggy brain, and fatigue
  • The correct ways to cleanse your mind and body to reactivate metabolism, re-energize and look and feel rejuvenated.

I look forward to sharing so much more with you about food, health, and lifestyle at our next retreat and swapping garden stories with all those who are interested. Check the dates for the rest of this year.

Annie Clark.