It may come as no surprise how easy it is to lose it these days, fly off the handle for no apparent reason, or just become Unhinged.  This chemical reaction didn’t just appear out of nowhere, it was building.  Here’s why.

Recently I was visiting my father in Victoria, which required me to run several errands to various stores and locations, which I had no problem with. Most of our trip went so well, with only a minor delay in our flight down to Melbourne airport, which wasn’t an issue, however, this did mean that we were significantly late to my father’s home, and I later found out he was waiting on us for some dinner too, all he ended up having was a little toast.  He never complained!

I mention this because he was good-natured and balanced about it, not even ruffled, and we were also calm and not upset, just in a good frame of mind. * I’ll share with you later why we were in a good frame of mind.

On another occasion, I booked ahead for some nail work, and even though I had made an appointment, which I arrived on time for, I found myself waiting for attention.  Waiting!  I was told to go away for half an hour, which I did, and then come back.  When I came back, I waited for another half an hour, while seemingly other people rocked up, without an appointment and were attended to.  I was beginning to feel quite frustrated, even angry.  I began to breathe deeply, which helped, and I applied my balance essential oil blend, which also helped.  Fortunately, I struck up a conversation with the girl next to me, which also calmed me down, but I still felt frustrated.

I was frustrated because I left home earlier from important tasks to get to this appointment on time, not to mention it was the day before we were due to fly down to Victoria.  I am not a time waster, so I questioned this time-wasting exercise, of having my nails done, because frankly getting my nails done is not a natural thing, but I know how much my dad likes nails looking feminine, unlike my usual ‘garden-damaged nails’, so I persevered.

After sitting there for an hour, I got up and went over to the gentleman who was working on someone else and politely tapped him on the shoulder, then said, ‘Tell me is it worth making an appointment ahead, because I’m still waiting here?  He responded in broken English, another real bugbear for me when I go to these ‘nail salons’, that he would attend to me in a minute.  I have to say I was on the edge.  I waited another 10 minutes, and he came over and began my nail treatment, (without an apology) then I waited some more as he handed me over to another staff member who finally gave me the service I expected an hour and 20 minutes before. Oh, and she did apologise!

I endured this delay because my nails were in a terrible state, and there was nowhere else I could go in that time slot.

Now I mention this because I was low in blood sugar, I estimated that if I had my nails done at the time I was booked in, I would be able to go and get some lunch and get on with some other errands all before 1 pm. By the time I was out of that salon, it was nearly 2 pm.

Because I was nutritionally low, the whole thing felt worse than it was. It’s what I refer to as, ‘a first world problem’, so it’s not super serious, but like I mentioned it’s a time waster, and I can’t handle that!

Two nutrients that are affected when you are low in blood sugar are your B Vitamins and Chromium.  Most people know about the logic of B Vitamins, especially B12, but when I check in with my clients, very few know about the benefits or the reasoning behind Chromium.  Quite frankly Chromium is left out of the conversation all the time because people underestimate its value.

One of my favourite nutritional helpers to counter this is MAX ATP, here’s the link. These are handy little sachets, which I use before a workout or a big ‘thinking day’. You can purchase my trial pack, and see how you feel with adequate Chromium running through your bloodstream!

Chromium is an essential mineral that plays a role in how insulin helps the body regulate blood sugar levels. Insulin is a hormone your body uses to change sugar, starches, and other food into the energy you need for daily activities.  You use this mineral up in nanoseconds, especially when under stress, and if you have skipped a meal or two.

During fasting, this is not so dangerous, because in theory you wouldn’t be having your nails done or putting yourself under pressure, you would be resting.  Be aware that one of the main reasons why most people become unhinged is because they are Chromium deficient and have run out of their B Vitamins.  As B Vitamins are water-soluble, meaning you have to get them from outside of your body because you use them up, you must top up those water solubles to keep an even head, or to keep your cool!

I’ll be talking about these more in a presentation I’m doing on Sunday 3rd March at the Conscious Life Festival at Venue 114 Kawana.  Here is the link.

  • Okay, so the reason why we handled the several hours delay in flight better than I handled the appointment delay, is because both Darryl and I were fueled up with B Vitamins, nourished with a Miso Soup and our blood sugar level was even.  This makes me think of all the important decisions made in the world where the decision maker was lacking in not only basic good nutrition but also and especially Chromium.

See you at the next talk about this. x Annie

no B Vitamins left in this one!