Walking Barefoot on grass…

I’ve discovered I like the feeling of grass under my feet, and there’s a whole lot of science that backs up the benefits of this experience.  I also walk on the pebbles and rocks around my garden, as I find it stimulating and a great stress relief.

Here’s what they are saying:  Walking barefoot on grass, especially in the morning, helps rejuvenate your senses and calm the mind. The combination of fresh air, warm sunlight, green surroundings and the peaceful morning atmosphere helps in many ways.

Fresh oxygen is good for your body’s organs, sunlight provides vitamin D and the calm atmosphere helps relax your entire body and mind. This in turn helps you feel more relaxed and relieves stress.  A bit hard to get that Vitamin D in winter I know, but it’s still possible.  Put new meaning to your morning teas or afternoon breaks and find a little patch of grass and just walk.

A review published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health looked at a number of studies that highlight how drawing electrons from the earth improves health.

Another study found that earthing changed the electrical activity in the brain, as measured by electroencephalograms. Still other research found that grounding benefitted skin conductivity, moderated heart rate variability, improved glucose regulation, reduced stress and boosted immunity.

One particularly compelling investigation, published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, found that earthing increases the surface charge of red blood cells. As a result, the cells avoid clumping, which decreases blood viscosity. High viscosity is a significant factor in heart disease,  which is why so many people take blood thinning aspirin each day to improve their heart health. Another study in the same journal found that earthing may help regulate both the endocrine and nervous systems.

So, find yourself that patch of grass and even in the busiest of times, make sure you connect to the earth.  Aim for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon.  If you are challenged by that in terms of time, apply essential oil of Frankincense to your head, and use Balance, grounding blend, hourly.  The ‘grounding blend - essential oil’ is a reliable substitute when you can’t find any grass or sunshine.  Just a few drops applied to the back of your neck or under your feet or even on your wrists can make all the difference.