A conscious life is exactly what the words say or mean, being ‘conscious of your life, the way you are living, and the circumstances you bring to your everyday experience.  A conscious life can lead to extraordinary happenings. For me, consciousness is about stopping still for a moment, long enough to examine what it is that I’m thinking and how that came to be.  Being conscious of a choice around what to eat, and how what I’m eating will affect me.  Being conscious of the people I associate with, and the effect they will have on me.  Being aware of the activity I carry out each day and how that builds my ‘human experience‘ and affects the world I’m living in.  A conscious life is being aware of other people and their needs, or suffering and being there for the person at that time.  A conscious person sees the beggar in the street, the unconscious person doesn’t even know they have walked passed them.  I’m not saying they are a bad person for walking past the beggar, I’m giving you a clue that there are so many layers of consciousness, and you are actively engaging in those layers consciously or unconsciously!

My husband Darryl and I walk on our country road in the mornings, we quite often see worms struggling on the gravel, and know that unless we pick them up and put them back into moist sheltered soil, they are a meal for the darting hungry birds.  Depending on your perspective on this, you may say, that’s cruel we are denying the birds their breakfast, or you may say that’s kind you have rescued a worm or two, it’s all relative and yet neither right nor wrong, it’s just consciousness!

I enjoy listening to ‘Conversations’ with Richard Fidler and Sarah Kanowski.  I hear stories that are varied and vast, they remind me of the colorful lives that other people live, and how their consciousness has helped them to experience their adventure and interpret it as just that, ‘their experience’.  One particular interview with Patrick McGorry, stands out for some insights. I believe he was Australian of the year a few years back.  Richard Fidler introduces him and reminds us of a very important fact.  We don’t really fully mature within the human brain until we are in our mid 20’s.  So when you are going through all that awkward time in your teens, managing sexual attraction, and dealing with emotions that are swirling around in a hormonal soup, you are experiencing this with a compromised consciousness, because your brain is still in nappies!  It’s another reason why I think it might be better for the legal age of drivers to be 25 at least!

Living a conscious life involves being present, questioning a little more, not taking yourself or anyone else for that matter too seriously, trying to see the good in everything, and just experiencing the now, the journey.

I love watching the Australian Ninja.  It’s human acrobatics and strength and endurance at its best.  It’s backyard Ninjas becoming legends as they jump, grab, swing, and run through an obstacle course that would make Hercules curl up into a fetal position.  It’s brilliant.  I particularly love the way all the athletes encourage each other, especially when their fellow athletes bomb out and miss the grip, swing, and dump into the pool below.  It’s like every effort that is put in to just get there, is celebrated amongst the athletes as they begin their mammoth task.  And when someone finally gets to the red buzzer after running up a 4-meter wall, it’s just extraordinary. I Love it.  So I love the consciousness of these athletes the positive vibes and energy they spin, it’s infectious.

How can you become more conscious? 

You have probably already started to be a conscious warrior, and what I’m saying here is old news, but if you are starting out in your spiritual journey and endeavoring to be a more aware human, just check yourself when you get the chance.  Check how you respond to something that you don’t agree with, check how you manage potential conflict, are you the aggressor or on the receiving end of aggression, and if it is the latter, ask yourself, WHY?

Ask yourself, ‘what  message do I have engraved on my forehead that would make someone treat me disrespectfully?’  That is a brave question to ask yourself, as most of the time, when you are at the receiving end of some sort of injustice, it’s because you placed yourself in that environment.  Ask yourself, ‘Am I seeking attention, and again ask why?’  You know when you ask someone how they are, and they give you a long list of their ailments, and you wish you didn’t ask, well they are only doing that because of their programming and you gave them an opportunity to sound off because something in you gave them permission.

In my book Lifestyle Reset, The Essential Guide To Healing You and the Planet,’ I mention the power of changing your questions to people you hang out with.  Rather than saying, ‘How are you Jimmy?‘, let’s face it Jimmy is just going to vent.  Ask Jimmy, ‘what’s the best thing that has happened to you so far this morning?’. This forces Jimmy to go to the other side of his brain and seek out positive news.  Your friend may take more time to answer, but it will be far more encouraging than what you have previously experienced.

The law of attraction says that we create our reality with our thoughts! Oh, so I attracted the car accident, Annie? or… Did I ask to be beaten up by my father or mother or both?  Or…’We can’t afford healthy food, so we stay with the junk food!’ On some level, your consciousness is linked to your outcomes.  Wayne Dwyer, bless his soul, was a spiritual writer/speaker and warrior, also someone I respected immensely.  He gave some advice on a tape I used to listen to over and over again as I drove up to Cairns.  He said, if you have a choice between being kind or right, always choose kind!  Release your need to be the center of attention, or to be right, what does it matter!  For some of us, being kind rather than right, goes against our instinct.  We want to be right, ‘we know we are right, and we want everyone to know it!’  As I have learned this is the ‘Ego’ talking, and the ‘Ego’ is an enemy of consciousness.

Allow conversations to flourish around you and intervene when you have something worthwhile to contribute.  If you find yourself in trouble with people, and always getting ripped off or having bad luck, first ask yourself, ‘What is my part in all of this?’  Because you do have a part, that is what consciousness is about.  Look within rather than outside of yourself.  Excuses like, ‘she told me to do it!’  or ‘I always mess up’, are all connected to a consciousness that becomes a ripple effect from language that one tells oneself.

Your self-talk is ‘an amplified recurring noise’ in the sound box of your brain, that you inadvertently replay to yourself.  Rather than telling yourself how useless you are, and how hopeless the situation is, change the narrative.  Perhaps part of your conscious conditioning could improve by telling yourself, ‘I’m okay, I’m so happy and grateful that I’m learning every day about being a beautiful human!  I’m grateful that I can learn from my experiences.  I am doing good in this world, and my life matters.

I get more philosophical these days.  I’m sure my brain has shed the nappies, as now I seek to improve my thoughts and brush away any cobwebs. I’m interested in meaningful quests and gentle people.  As I share with you what I think a conscious life looks like, I reflect on our dear friend Noel, more a dear friend of Darryl, my husband. Noel Roberts passed away recently.  At the funeral which we watched from our loungeroom through live streaming, we listened to every speaker as they summed up the man Noel was.  Everyone spoke highly of him; everyone talked of an adventure they experienced with him and how he was a gentle, kind, humble, and loving person.  Each of Noels’ four daughters spoke confidently about their dad and how proud they were to be his daughters.  Pam, Noel’s wife, spoke with emotion and honestly relaying how she held Noel’s hand as the life faded from him.  Those last few days the family told funny stories, helped Noel drink fluids, and focused on giving Noel all the comfort he deserved.  Every moment was precious, every moment was a solid effort by all those who came to see Noel in his last days.

One sentence was repeated by every speaker, ‘dear Noel didn’t have a bad word to say about anyone’!  That in itself was profound.  Every speaker reafirmed this sentiment about Noel.  I reflected on my own language when I talk about people! Darryl and I cried quietly as we listened to these stories and cherished our own memories of him. I mention this here because Noel lived a conscious life.  He was present with his family every moment he had.  His values and priorities were all based on his family, dear friends, and his community, and they adored him.  Noel loved nature, climbing, surfing, adventure, and he passed this passion onto his girls, now adults, some with children.

This funeral was the fourth one I have experienced so far this year.  I have taken notes on every occasion, about every person because the measure of a life is not based on what they own, or what they have done for a living, the measure is based on the ripple, the feeling that they have shared with their friends, family, and associates and finally the love they have created while they were breathing, to me that is what matters.  You cant fit belongings into a coffin, you can only leave behind your impact on others, this is your legacy and your conscious life is your spiritual essence.  I have met people in their last days, and in their faces, I see forgiveness more often than not.

Perhaps the biggest lesson about consciousness is forgiveness.  Forgive yourself first and this will help you to forgive others.  It’s not easy, I’m still challenged about a few people who gave me grief, but I have changed the way I look at them in my mind. I accept that I must have been spinning a vibration when they turned up with whatever issues that came with it.  If I was spinning ‘needy, greedy or pleady’  I got exactly what I deserved.  When I haven’t been clear; when I’ve been on the wrong side of my brain, perhaps even returned to nappies, I have attracted these people and their stuff.  What a lovely lesson.

A conscious life is something to aspire towards, something that will test you, and something you will yield great rewards from when you see it play out like art. It’s really special.LifeStyle Reset Woman Chains

Thank you for taking the time to read.  Your comments would be so appreciated. xx Annie Clark.