Rain will fall, so if you don’t want to get wet make sure you have a good quality umbrella that you have easy access to, so you’re not left soaking wet!   You see keeping up with positive physical and mental habits is like buying an umbrella when the sun is shining!  This is my analogy for mapping out your day with ‘health deposits’ so that you are ready for the rain when it comes, and it will come, as sure as day becomes night.

You may be feeling wonderful now, you may even be the fittest you have ever been, but you never know when something can happen that can change all that in a heartbeat, and when that time comes, you want to have the best umbrella that money can buy!

I keep an umbrella in my car now, which I jokingly say, ensures there won’t be rain!  ….but, rain isn’t the enemy here, it’s apathy around preparation! It’s thinking that you are on top of everything, when in fact you are a little ticking time bomb! We prioritize the wrong things, like our finances, our working hours, our commitments, we plan, we change dates, times, etc, often to suit someone else’s agenda, but there are times in a day that we need to stop, think, rest a little longer, so that we can build up our reserves.  ‘Buying an umbrella on a sunny day!’

You want to be physically and chemically in balance and prepared. What does that look like?

Darryl (my husband), and I are up exercising every day.  We like to put in a few weights, yoga stretches, always a walk of some sort, and some dedication and appreciation around breathing.  I’ve written about this before so here are a few links back to previous blogs/articles on that.  For my message today around having an umbrella ready, being mentally and physically ready for the hits, this is what I suggest.

Always have some sort of B Vitamin in powder to liquid form and consume this daily during times of heightened stress.  Use the Long Life Vitality supplements to keep you in nutrient peak condition.  Invest in essential oils that enhance your body’s ability to fight off a bug or virus that shows up on your door handles, shopping trolley bar, stationary, and keyboard, just to name a few.  There’s a blend that I haven’t written about in any of my blogs yet, but the blessings of this blend are relative here.  Darryl was feeling anxious about an appointment we had with our accountant.  He asked me what essential oils I had to add to the skin that were not too sickly and quick and easy to apply.  I applied the doTERRA Console blend (in the roll-on form), to his arms and wrists, and a little on myself as well, even though I wasn’t feeling anxious, it was another example of having my ‘umbrella’ ready for the rain.  When someone you care about is feeling anxious it can spill over to the ones they love, in a sneaky way. Console essential oil blend is what I have used for doing just that, consoling myself or someone else, it’s a blend that I give to people who have lost someone, or something.

Console Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Frankincense Resin, Patchouli Leaf, Ylang Ylang Flower, Labdanum Flower Absolute, Amyris Bark, Sandalwood Wood, Rose Flower, Osmanthus Flower Absolute. This proprietary blend combines the sweet and musky aroma of doTERRA Console essential oil blend with Fractionated Coconut Oil for gentle application. Apply to the heart when feeling worried, sad, or unsettled. doTERRA Console Touch provides a comforting aroma to promote feelings of emotional well-being.doTERRA Console Touch Blend _ dōTERRA Essential Oils

Another hint for building your wellness account for that rainy day is to invest time in learning about things that make you feel happy, watch videos that are funny, and/or leave you inspired and charged for life.

Eat live greens with a few of your meals each day.  We grow lettuce for this very reason, we love to go out and pick fresh greens and add them to a full and inviting salad or cooked veggie slice.  If you can’t grow something, invest in fresh sprouts from the supermarket, and add them to soups and sandwiches that way you are getting some live enzymes, and don’t forget to have some sort of probiotic in either food or beverage, this can be a game-changer.  The gut and the mind and the heart, have a love-hate triangle existence in your anatomy.  When you are in the calm zone with your gut, everything else will fall into place.

Don’t beat yourself up for a little indulgence here and there, just be observant of why you raid the cookie jar when you do, and what your cut-off time is for eating at night.  Try not to be eating after 7 pm.  Carry out intermittent fasting, which is stopping your consumption of food with the evening meal and re-engaging in consuming food around mid-day the next day.  That gives your digestive system a real chance to calm down, assimilate and distribute nutrients, and by lunchtime you are ready for food again.  You may like to try this a few times a week.  If you have low blood sugar, just be kind to yourself, and enjoy a banana mid-morning or a fresh juice, until you are ready to consume a bigger meal.

Take your time when eating.  I have to check myself about this one all the time, as I can get easily distracted.  Take your time, chew your food - every mouth full and you will feel more satisfied with the meal and the quantity.  Practise PCS (patience, calmness and stillness).  Stop yourself, observe a flower or tree in nature or a little creature.  I loved photography for this very reason, it forced me to look closely at the way the light reflected off a pond, rock or creature and kept me at the moment a little longer.  A concentration if you will, a visual on something I intended to photograph, it was and still is a meditation within the observation.

When I was studying photography I always remember Roger Hayne encouraging his eager students to ‘go out and about without the camera’, to take pictures with our eyes, to ‘see’, to ‘observe’ and note in our memory how something can look at different times in a day.  I bring this into this timely message here, that being patient and taking a little time rather than forcing things along is another way of improving the activity of your mind and creating a peaceful existence.

These procedures and behaviors are like having an umbrella ready when the sun is shining so that when the storm comes in, you are ready to hold your umbrella and stay dry, protected, and in tune with life.  Thanks for reading xoxo see you at one of our workshops soon. x blessings Annie Clark.