I don’t know about you, but I crave sunshine, especially in winter, as it not only warms me, but it uplifts my soul as well.  But did you know there are science-based reasons why getting sunshine and particularly morning sunshine into your system is crucial for your immune system and overall wellness?

Here are 5 health benefits of the sun in Winter
  • Vitamin D. The sunshine provides us with 90% of our vitamin D, which helps protect against disease and slows the aging process. …
  • Healthier weight.  When you receive sunlight on your skin, your metabolism is activated to keep working.
  • Better mood. Sunshine makes you feel better, think better and feel better.
  • Improved sleep. Just 15-20 minutes of morning sunshine can improve your sleep.
  • Lower blood pressure. Your blood responds to sunlight exposure in several ways, but mainly the warmer the blood, the more chance you have of moving nutrients effectively through your system.

In winter, we notice many changes in the weather. These changes do not leave the body untouched. Several things happen in our bodies due to cold weather. It is, therefore, necessary to make some changes in our daily routine and lifestyle during the changing season. In the summer where it is advisable to avoid mid-day sunlight especially.  However, in winter it is vital for the body to get exposed to sunlight in the morning.

The immune system is the natural protector of the body against bacteria or other diseases. When an antigen or infected organism enters the body when the immune system begins to form antibodies that fight against the diseases. It is very important for the body to get sunshine to increase it. This not only helps in getting Vitamin D but also helps reduce swelling and high blood pressure. Sunlight also helps in improving brain function. For this, you may need to plan your morning to allow for that ‘sun-bath.

It’s ironic that during the whole ‘COVID scenario’, they quarantine us ‘indoors’, away from fresh air and sunshine, when this simple activity could be one of the best remedies, along with Vitamin C and Zinc.

How to get more exposure to sunlight?

  • The best way to get fresh sunlight in the morning is to walk in the open area for fifteen to twenty minutes before 10 o’clock in the morning.
  • If it is not possible to go out then you can sit on your balcony while reading the newspaper, let your body absorb sunlight.
  • Students can also move their study tables in such a way that morning sunlight comes to their table directly, they can use this time to study.
  • The best way to get sunshine in the house is to not close the windows and drop the curtains until 10 o’clock in the morning.
  • Afternoon sunshine is also beneficial - so if you can’t get out in the mornings, aim for an afternoon walk along the beach or parkland area.

Winter Sunshine really is worth the effort to find and then receive!  Factor in more time for this experience and enjoy winter more.

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